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Between Friends

June 7, 2012

Welcome to If Wishes were….

My first post is a cartoon strip which I am fond of..I Read it everyday in Times of India -Bangalore Times


Between Friends is  written by Canadian Sandra Bell-Lundy. Three middle-aged professional women,Maeve, Susan, and Kimberly, and the problems that they face in their lives are the main focus throughout the comic strip series. The comic strips appear in more than 175 newspapers in ten countries around the world. For details refer to official website

Who’s Who

Characters in Between Friends

Women in Between Friends

Maeve is a sophisticated and savvy divorcee.  Professionally, she is very successful in her position as a sales director.  However, her personal life is another story.  While she loves her single status and the freedom it brings, Maeve’s love life is a series of quests for romance that never seem to measure up to her idealistic “perfect relationship”.

Susan is wry and self-doubting.  She is married to Harv, has an adopted 9-year-old daughter, Emma, and works full-time outside the home.  Susan is always seeking balance in her life.  Her goals are to spend time with her family, score some personal time and maybe get to the gym once a month.

Kim is creative and introspective.  As a feminist freelance writer, she enjoys the perks of having a home-based career.  She is married to Derek, a widower with a son.  Kim both adores and is exasperated by the challenges of raising her 12-year-old stepson, Danny.


Harv is married to Susan


Harv is married to Susan


Helen is Maeve’s coworker


Tina is Susan’s office buddy


Emma is Susan’s daughter


Danny is Kim’s son

How do you start your day? Which is your favorite comic strip?


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