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Why Master Chef Australia popular?

June 21, 2012

Master Chef Australia, season 4, started on 14 June 2012. The show has returned on STAR World, promising to draw on the success of the earlier season, delivering even more stunning challengs, contestants that viewers will fall in love with, and spreading an infectious love of food.

Every week night my teen age daughter sits through the episode – she cannot identify the dishes made as ingredients are different- she a vegetarian sits through and episode in which basic ingredient in octopus!, there is not recipe shared that you can try. But still she sits religiously through it – she is not the only one, her friends, cousins are big followers too. You can realize how much they like the show that it was the theme of her birthday party – we had friends guessing name of the spices and decorating a plate of chaat and cake with different colored icing.

There have been other cookery shows -international ones like Master Chef US, Hell’s kitchen and the Indian version of Master Chef too with Akshay Kumar as a celebrity judge in Season 1 of Master Chef India. But they failed to hold her attention and it seems the attention of rest of India too!

The other reality shows like Big Boss what gets noticed and talked about is bad behavior but in MasterChef  it’s about beautiful food, great production and impeccably behaved contestants and judges.  Not one of the judges is ever mean to the contestants and the contestants themselves are supportive of each other. While in show like Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay, is only seen screaming scaring the contestants and the audience.

Master chef judges

Master chef judges

Judges of Master Chef – the cute, bald and jumpy  George Calombaris, food critic with colorful clothes Matt Preston, cool, sensible Gary Mehigan together bring the kitchen down! And they are so encouraging – they have something positive to say and don’t put down the contestant.  The various  food challenges  and cook-offs push the contestants beyond their comfort zones but, at the same time, didn’t set them up to fail. It’s not like they make it so hard that the contestants just can’t do it.

Official site of Masterchef Australia

Do you like master chef – Australia? If yes why?


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