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Her new dress

June 27, 2012

When she got back home, she thought of calling him. She was crazy about this dress that she had picked up and was waiting to hear what he’s going to say. She could hardly wait for him to gasp and tell “You never looked so beautiful”. The bell rang. She knew he was back. She wanted to model her new dress but then it was a hectic day for him. She should wait, she thought. She hid the dress in the cupboard but couldn’t hide her smile.
He walked in the room. She asked him about his day and told about hers(saying nothing about the dress was killing her). Served him his favorite food. “What’s special?”,he asked. “Nothing” . Just wait for sometime and you’ll see for yourself, she thought.
Finally she couldn’t stand more, she changed into her new dress and walked into the room where he was reading. “How do I look?”, she asked. He raised his head and “It’s great dress but you ought to loose some weight – 5 kgs. And your legs are too short for that look”. She couldn’t understand, the saleswoman had given her some great compliments about how she well she could carry the dress and how the color suited her. She knew the salesgirl was trying to sell the dress but shethought she really looked good. Glitter fell from the star and she died a little.

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