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Removing problem from Roots!

July 18, 2012

Are you sure you want to do it?”, asked the hairdresser.
I glared at her which she took as “don’t ask such question” but I was quaking inside “No I am not but don’t make it more difficult for me. Don’t make me think. Just do it”. I hoped, I prayed that she should not read my mind as I drifted down the memory lane.

I never had long hair. Infact I never wanted long hair. I felt girls with short hair seem more sophisticated, stylish and,smarter. We had better things to do, more time to do because we had short hair.  It felt so time saving (not to mention convenient) to get out of bed, take bath, run finger through the hair and bingo you are ready in record time. Who wanted Pony-tail! Pony the small horse ( not to be confused with foal)have shorter legs, thicker necks and shorter heads with broader foreheads.Pony attached to Horse Butt! Nah never liked animal,  it’s not even a proper horse, thought of having his tail behind me was outrageous.



Long hair had its own set of problem. They got so tangly, take years to dry after wash and then more time to find which style would match. Shyamoli , my friend with long hair , wished for having enough money to pay someone to wash it and till then complain about her hair. Gosh how many times we have walked after the movie had started, for Shyamoli maam had to wash her hair or decide whether she wants french plait, or side parting and finally leaving her hair open. Grr…  Not to mention how when you’re trying to drink/eat your hair gets in your food. It just sits there inhaling the goodness of your food. The situation could be worse, Shyamoli pointed out, better than eating biryani and finding a lon…g hair in it, wondering whose is it? Did the person had dandruff? Did they wash the hair? Not to mention you losing all the appetite and throwing all the tasty yummy biryani. Saala ek bal adami ko bhokha kar deta hain!(one hair makes man go hungry)

Hair in food!

Hair in food!

All that changed when I heard him talking about the new girl in the class. How she was so different, so beautiful, had beautiful eyes and long…beautiful hair. “woh kaali kaali aankhen, woh kaale kaale baal..”  He talked about losing himself in her ravishing, flowing hair that smelled of sweet perfume. I was not jealous, it was just that my entire thought process has been turned upside down. All that climbing trees, playing basketball, studying together just disappeared into thin hair like like ganje ke sar se baal(hair from bald man). Then I decided to be just like her, no I mean have hair like her..have LON….G HAIR. Easier said than done

How to get long hair? “Elementary Watson”, Holmes would have said when TV is here why go anywhere.  TV programmes are full of shampoo and hair-oil advertisements (attimes I wonder is it programme between the advertisements or the other way round). Models(Aishwarya, Bipasha, Deepika, Kathrina,  Kareena,  Priyanka, Shilpa and others) all had  long, lustrous, and bouncing hair.I was confused- some talked about making hair strong from roots, some from end, some talked about complete nutrition, some simply showed strength pulling a truck out with hair-hajam nahin hota boss(can’t digest)!, some said you need to put oil to have world’s best hair. Hello anyone we are talking about hair right and not about plants or stress test.  Playing inky pinky ponky to pick the actress, I meant the shampoo seemed the easy solution. Tried one and waited waited, no change, moved to another one -the herbal – still no change.

Decided to visit the salon where the hair specialist passed me an expensive bottle. Tried to weave hair into the conversation of my mother’s friends or my cousins – picking up tips like: brushing hair 100 strokes every night,tried to make changes in diet-as my cousin harsha said “Your hair comes from what you eat and drink, filling plate with green vegetables like spinach( i thought I was way past Popeye), which contain sebum-producing vitamins A and C; they act as natural hair conditioners and shine boosters. Shyamoli after knowing about my change of heart on long hair joined in my struggle giving me suggestions of what to do. I envied her, being bengali she had such beautiful eyes and hair- whether it was genetic or because she ate fish or ?

Our efforts started paying off, reluctantly but surely my hair started growing and I managed to have hair till shoulder length. I remember the moment very clearly, Shymoli was talking to me about how soon I will also have lo…ng hair and then he would find me more beautiful than that new girl.  Aryan overheard it and news spread like wild fire – me growing hair to impress him and put the new girl down.I could not find the strength to look into his and her eyes, they were there at the party. I feared the verdict I would receive. I crouched behind a pillar, resting against it, grieving, when I couldn’t control my intense feelings of guilt anymore, my eyes releasing the tears they had been holding back. I made desperate attempts to control my tears, but they kept flowing as though a dam has burst. I bit into my balled fist, overcome by remorse. I curled my legs up against my chest and rested my head on my knees. A thought hit me, I tried to shake it but I couldn’t, it seemed the best solution, infact only solution remove the root of the problem, na rahega baans na bajegi bansuri(no bamboo means no flute, no music) Before I lost courage I started walking and walking and before I realized I was sitting in chair at the parlour.

Yes I got my head shaved off. As each hair got cut strangely I felt peace, I felt calm prevail over me, i felt so me, not trying to be someone. I felt actually removed the problem from the root  and that was the end of my hair problems, issue problems and beginning of a new friendship, the new girl became my friend and after that I stuck to short hair.

Note: This is entry for indiblogger:Dove My Beautiful Hair Story contest. Become hair aware-try Dove hair-aware app.


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  2. ranitasinha permalink

    Offbeat idea..very nice..

  3. all the best for the contest.

  4. A very different post indeed!!! Very well written

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