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Parents Soak Us No More in Your Expectations

September 1, 2012

Dear Mummy and Papa,

Today we want to tell you Soak me, yes soak me no more in your expectations/wishes/ambitions/fears. Today when I came back after playing my clothes had stains as I was playing football with my friends. Yes I know I had missed my 7 o’clock deadline and I had to do my homework, practice my keyboard  also but I just couldn’t leave the match in half.   Yes my dress had got dirty but gone are the days when Mummy you used to toil hard with grime on clothes. Since Washing machine came, washing has become kid’s play – soak it, fill it , switch it and Voila the clothes get washed. “Surf excel” made daag ache hain allowing us kids to play without worrying about stains. Now Surf excel matic has come with has the power of “Vibrating Molecules” to penetrate deeply embedded stains & remove them effectively, so no more soaking before washing!  While the stains are taken care of we kids are praying that scientists develop some vibrating molecules like like these surf-excel matic guys to free us from our parents expectations, ambitions, hopes, fears.

Yes I know you parents love your children and want the best for them, worry about us a lot, but we kids feel as if you parents have a checklist – toilet trained by the age of 2/3, eating food himself by age 7, doing homework himself by age 10. The moment a 2-year-old bents out of shape if he doesn’t get something he wants or a  3-year-old loses it if there’s an unexpected change in the bedtime routine or a  6-year-old fails to sustain focus on a game, to pursue one ball and to let the next fall untouched in the grass because he’s daydreaming, parents stand over the child with an unpleasant edge in the voice, index finger raised, scolding: “I said you’d get it later,” or “Why are you making such a big deal about your bedtime story?” or “Get your head in the game!”

Not only do we have a timetable in school we have timetable for those extra curricular classes after school -keyboard, chess ,cricket. Every moment is dictated like clock : 6:30 get up, 6:45 brushing teeth and bath, 7:05 breakfast, 7:20 leave for school. Come back from school 3:30 p.m, have lunch, go for the class, finish your dinner,even sleep on time. We hear “OK, I fed you, I changed you, tucked you into bed with your special blanket and teddy bear, read that story. Everything’s done,  Your sleep is scheduled for right now, and I have a phone call to make in nine minutes so now go to sleep” What if I say, “I love the teddy, but my bone hurts or I want to hear another story. I think I’ll stay up” you go bonkers. Mummy, Papa We are not robots, we are human beings.

Not only do we have to attend all THOSE classes we are expected to be extra-ordinary in all the activities. You tell us about how you used to come first in class, win every competition in school in every activity, making us wonder if every parent came first in class then who in the world came second! And nana-nani, dada dadi paint a very different picture of you parents – how difficult it was for you to finish milk in morning, how you came last in the school race, how you came second in the dance competition, how you hated history, loved maths. When I hear those it  makes us feel that you parents when normal kids were just like..just like…US!

And the comparison with other kids is Killing. “See Sweta how she comes first in class”, “See abhimanyu how well he plays cricket”..why don’t you study/play more like him/her”. What about my coming first in the singing competition or my story getting selected for school magazine or me getting highest marks in Maths.  Sweta didn’t get selected for competition , Abhimanyu can’t even write an essay on cricket and his runs are more than his marks in Maths. Mummy Papa I am not fair like Aryan, I am not tall like Sanjeev, I am not good in cricket like Abhimanyu , I can’t dance like Sohan, I can’t act like Rishabh. I am just me, plain simple me!

Any why do I have to do what you say, why can’t I have a choice. I love football, time spent while playing football flies away. I find concept of waiting to bat/ball boring. I I do not enjoy cricket, why do I have to play it then. And for whom am I playing for me or for you. Just because you played cricket in your college team and dada did not allow you to play further and made you do  engineering. Are you redoing your own life through me or fulfilling your lost ambitions through me? Because you were bullied in your childhood why should I go and bully every child around.

Mummy and Papa, let me be me. Stop trying to fit me into a mold.  Enjoy me for who I am , not for who you imagine/want to be. Please Please soak me no more in your expectations. And then we will also shine just like clothes after the Surf Excel matic wash!

Your children

This is entry for indiblogger contest: Surf Excel Matic contest Soak No More

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