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If You Care Enough

December 26, 2012

She: “Chodo na.. chubtha hai” (Leave me… it hurts)
He: “What hurts…”
She: “Your stubble”
He: “Isn’t it cool  It looks more manly and adds attitude and it represents the best of both worlds.
She: “Best of both the world.. how”, she asked?
He: “In a man Stubble represents masculinity without the reclusive mountain-man look. And it has been researched and found that women find men with stubble romantic and hot. Think George Clooney, Brad Pitt who cultivate their unshaven look or in India think of Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan.”
She:  “You are right Stubble is good to look, it make men look hot. However, if other things like hair and clothes aren’t in order, it just looks like you are on your way to becoming homeless. A lot of guys just look like plain slobs, like they’re too lazy to shave. But all said and done Clean-shaven is usually nicer to kiss. We find your stubble adorable – but Just ask yourself – would YOU like to kiss a hedgehog?
He:,”I  fail to see the need  “ he replied scrutinizing himself in the mirror.
She : “There was a time when a full beard was a sign of a man’s virility. Then everything shifted, and the clean-shaven look reigned supreme. Now beards seem to be creeping back – but a lot of them get stuck halfway. Is the scruffy, unshaven look the new ‘norm’? Okay What’s your morning ritual?
He: “shower, comb hair, shave, brush teeth, dress.”
She: “Showering is easy to understand. If you don’t shower, you start to stink. Combing the hair is easy to understand too, because it would be a mess if you didn’t comb it. If you don’t brush your teeth, they rot and fall out. And dressing, obviously, is a necessity.  Why would we spend the time and money to go through this hair loss ritual each and every day?And why do you shave in the morning then to make right impression on your boss and co-workers right Evenings are important to me because that is the time you  spend with me. If you can shave in the morning for your boss, why can’t you do for us? It clearly shows that they don’t care enough.”

She fell silent and looked away. The silence pressed uncomfortably. Reaching out, he grabbed hold of her chin and forced her face up to his. He felt her breath, warm and ragged against his face. All he’d have to do was tilt his face a fraction, and his mouth would be on hers. She wouldn’t stop him. Would she?
She resisted the compulsion to reach out and touch his chin. Every instinct was telling her to walk away, yet still she remained rooted to the spot. He was so near she could smell him, a mix of deodorant or shower gel and scent of man. Definitely not aftershave.

He: ” I will not shave in the evening.’ His mocking tone was unmistakable.
For a long moment, she just looked at him with lids half open, but the golden brown of her eyes reminded him of sparked tinder. A look of wry amusement spread across her face.She kissed him softly and felt his lips answer, moving on her, moving with them.His tongue tasted and urged and slowly drove into her mouth while he pressed into her demanding,craving.She broke the kiss and he let her. “Just give me 10 minutes”,He didn’t release her when she tried to pull away, but rather, he tightened his grip for a moment more then let her go.Opening the door, she ushered him out.
Clock ticked.His mind was unsettled by the conversation. He should be furious, but something about the situation struck him as almost comic He was feeling like he’d been thrust into the middle of some game he could no longer remember the rules for. What is she upto?

After 10 minutes She rushed to the door, then doubled back for a quick check in the room.She composed herself, squared her shoulders, lifted her chin, took another deep breath and opened the door.

He stepped in. There were candles,the soft, flickering light was warm, inviting and alluring. He could hear music “aaoo hazoor tumko..”, He saw rose petals from the door to the table. “What’s she suggesting? Is she making up for the disagreement?” She raised her hand and ran the backs of two fingers, barely touching him, feather-light, down the side of his face, from his ear to chin. The hot, tingling trail left by her fingers was joined by other sensations, and he was suddenly acutely aware of his own body as well as her.  “For you”, she said as she handed him a rose.
He took the rose and felt the prick of the thorn..”Ouch…” he screamed,she didn’t seem to hear. They walked to the table and then he noticed she was wearing her cleaning mode t shirt! (t-shirt> she wears when she gets in her cleaning mode!) but wasn’t the thing peeping out was the red lingerie that he had given her sometime back!
She filled the glasses “Cheers”, she said as she raised the champagne flute. The music changed to “Meri pant bhi sexy..”  “What the hell?” he said as he spat out Milk!
“What you are doing, as far as I can see,’ he said in his clearest voice,, ‘is absolute rot.’ ‘Is it?’ Her voice was suddenly right behind him, inches from his ear. Could she move without making a sound? Apparently so. He found himself face to face with her, spun round by hands that moved faster than he could think, hands which were now resting on his shoulders, burning his skin. “Didn’t you like my efforts to set the mood?” “With milk, thorn,blazing music?he asked “But I also put also roses, soft music,candles. Wasn’t that enough“  He arched a brow “Or Should I say If my guy doesn’t shave I will stop waxing”  He replied “You’re ‘Ah, now we’re getting to the heart of the matter.  I get the message Shave or crave, I had read somewhere that Alexander the Great never lost a battle, not to the Persians or to anyone else. And he always shaved.  I surrender to you.. And with great shaving cream and technology it’s not that difficult, it all about priorities “. The words sent her world spinning off its axis as he dragged her back into his embrace!

Note:This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with

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  1. hahahahaha!!!! superb bit of humour there!! Goes to show that great minds think alike …. I too had a similar concept….. loved it! All the best!

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