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Taming of My Hair

December 30, 2012

Rapunzel Rapunzel Let down your hair,” It was the prince calling, with a nervous glance,

Woh aa gaya..Dekho woh aa gaya.” He has come…her prayers have been answered.She wants to dance to “Piya tu ab to aaja..” She remembered  for how long She sat by her window and wished for a prince To ride up on his white horse and save her,

She lets her hair down..and the prince is trying, trying but  he cannot climb all he gets in his hands are curls which keep on slipping. “No” she screamed and opened her eyes, trembling and sweating as if after a great exertion…the moon’s light streamed in the window giving the room an ominous feel. She thought “Why do I have curly hair?

My friend’s is straight and light as air
But my hair gets in my face,My mouth,My food
It even tangles to my chair
Oh, why do I have curly hair?

How she wanted long straight hair. She looked dreamily into the space and remembered the book she had read last night.
When the last pin fell down, she gave her head a hard shake, and her hair tumbled onto her shoulders in a waterfall of shining black. She thought :
My life is just like my hair.
Not straight,and definitely NOT simple.
Instead it’s complex, confusing, and temperamental.”

“Enough is enough,” I thought, “I need to get my hair straightened.” With determination I walked to my computer, ignoring facebook, twitter I google for how to straighten hair. Iron, flat iron for hair..”Oh gosh.. that’s so logical, ironing the hair like clothes”..but I can’t do it, I have a world record of burning dresses while ironing, I can’t take the risk of doing my hair myself. Going to beauty parlor was out of question , I was out of money “It was the end of month after all”.. “not easy”  I need to sleep as Nani is coming , I thought as I marched towards the bed.

Last time when Nani had come I had to hang on the parallel bars everyday for half an hour atleast to increase her height. “Nani bhi na..she and her crazy ideas”. Okay I had become taller  but it was just coincidence I attributed that to my genes which suddenly decide to become longer not to earth pulling her with force that made apple fall on Newton.  How I  wished I could understand those Physics concept, So fat books  but what’s the  use… I stopped maybe that would work too! Now sleeping was out of question. I had an idea now she needed to work on it. I needed help, I SMSED Shilpi I knew she will agree, you can always count on childhood buddies.And so began our “straighten them out” mission.
Every night after dinner around 8:30 Shilpi used to meet me in the children’s park just behind my house. She used to then tie my hair to the parallel bars and we used to chat for 30 mins or rather I used to ouch ouch for those 30 mins.For every slight movement used to pull my hair. After losing tug of war to the bars every day, we used to go to my house where Shilpi then helped me to part my hair into sections put those sections between the fattest books that I could find in the house, next to my brain was always Maths and Physics books , in the hope that by sleeping next to books concepts would find way into my brain. “you like Gulliver”, “You look like you are going to be crucified, you look like you are traitor being tortured. Shilpi used to remark. I thought more like scientist on his way to major discovery which will win him Noble Prize.

We thought of mailing our idea of this to the President of India and to Salman Khan for using it in the movie but just the thought of them asking us “How do you know” and becoming laughing stock made us back out.. After getting up in the morning my hair, my curly hair used to stand like soldier in attention or being relieved after the torture of the night for few micro-seconds (which we felt were increasing from 1.5, 2, 4) and then snap back into curls with vengeance just like “azad panchi”(free bird).
We tried this for few days but had to give up as my Nani came and I had to share my  room so Shilpi and I decided to postpone the experiment. But I am sure the gravitational force would have tamed my hair. My hair did straighten out when I got my Physics mark a month later. I had got a A+(thanks to Nani who made me open the book and work out numericals . Maybe I should have used magnetic theory to tame my hair!

This is my entry for Sunsilk’s The Straight Hair Experiment by Indiblogger.

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