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Wish I had known these sooner..

That life is not a fairy tale and there will be no prince charming. You just have to buckle up and take control.

The greatest source of misery is clinging to the past. If it hurts, you have to learn to let go.

That love is not worth giving up your dreams for.

That if you don’t slow down you’ll crash.

That learning to say no can be a liberating experience.

That you cannot pretend to be someone else no matter how hard you try.

-Read it in a magazine and as a woman could identify with it. What about you?

Why Master Chef Australia popular?

Master Chef Australia, season 4, started on 14 June 2012. The show has returned on STAR World, promising to draw on the success of the earlier season, delivering even more stunning challengs, contestants that viewers will fall in love with, and spreading an infectious love of food.

Every week night my teen age daughter sits through the episode – she cannot identify the dishes made as ingredients are different- she a vegetarian sits through and episode in which basic ingredient in octopus!, there is not recipe shared that you can try. But still she sits religiously through it – she is not the only one, her friends, cousins are big followers too. You can realize how much they like the show that it was the theme of her birthday party – we had friends guessing name of the spices and decorating a plate of chaat and cake with different colored icing.

There have been other cookery shows -international ones like Master Chef US, Hell’s kitchen and the Indian version of Master Chef too with Akshay Kumar as a celebrity judge in Season 1 of Master Chef India. But they failed to hold her attention and it seems the attention of rest of India too!

The other reality shows like Big Boss what gets noticed and talked about is bad behavior but in MasterChef  it’s about beautiful food, great production and impeccably behaved contestants and judges.  Not one of the judges is ever mean to the contestants and the contestants themselves are supportive of each other. While in show like Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay, is only seen screaming scaring the contestants and the audience.

Master chef judges

Master chef judges

Judges of Master Chef – the cute, bald and jumpy  George Calombaris, food critic with colorful clothes Matt Preston, cool, sensible Gary Mehigan together bring the kitchen down! And they are so encouraging – they have something positive to say and don’t put down the contestant.  The various  food challenges  and cook-offs push the contestants beyond their comfort zones but, at the same time, didn’t set them up to fail. It’s not like they make it so hard that the contestants just can’t do it.

Official site of Masterchef Australia

Do you like master chef – Australia? If yes why?

Power of Music

Music is part of everyone’s  life. In life of an Hindi speaking India music often means Bollywood songs but these days I am amazed at the range of songs Bollywood is throwing up soft melodious , peppy numbers, rustic.. Music is an important part of my life. I listen to FM when I work in kitchen. When I cook I like to have music around, it makes task less mundane. Music does have the power – it uplifts my mood.. but other than that.

I had heard about stories of Emperor Akbar’s Navratna,Tansen’s, musical power. It is  said that when Tansen sang, birds and animals would gather to hear him.Or that had the power to light up fire through his song and to bring rain. A story that I liked was:

Once, during a hunting expedition, Emperor Akbar spotted a white elephant which he wanted for himself. The elephant was captured and brought to the palace. The elephant, however, was fierce and wild and would not be tamed.

When Tansen heard of this, he went to the elephant, which was chained and struggling with the trainers. He began to play the tanpura and sing. Gradually the elephant became calm, and soon the emperor was able to mount and ride it. Emperor Akbar bestowed honours and gifts on Tansen. Tansen was given a house very close to the royal palace.

But is music powerful enough to bring back the person from coma?

It seems yes, for I read today about how British singer’s Adele music brought a girl back from coma. Source

Adele’s  music brought a 7-year-old girl out of coma. In April 2011, Charlotte Neve suffered a brain haemorrhage that left her in coma. When doctors told her mother Leila to start saying her goodbyes, the 31-year-old cuddled her daughter and sang her daughter’s favourite song, Rolling in the Deep. Astoundingly, her daughter smiled in response. “It was the first time she had reacted to anything since the haemorrhage. The nurses were astounded and told me to keep singing, and she smiled again.” And after some physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, Charlotte was able to go home

I was amazed after reading the news article. What do you think of power of music?

Women Smoker

I was waiting for my friends to join me at the coffee shop. Across the table was a nice looking woman in shirt and trouser, hair  impeccably neat , a laptop open on the table and with a cigarette in her hand. The woman puffs on her cigarette as if she is trying to reveal some mystery to me. Earlier there was a negative attitude towards women smoking but now people do not raise an eyebrow.

Women smoking

Women smoking

Came across an old newspaper report in Times of India, 2009,India third on global ‘female smoking list’. and statistics though old scared me:

  • Tobacco killed some six million people each year — more than a third of whom will die from cancer — and drained $500 billion annually from global economies.
  • About 250 million women in the world are daily smokers — 22% being from high resource countries and 9% from low and middle resource countries.
  • Female smokers in India die an average eight years earlier than their non-smoking peers.

Was the woman smoking  as a symbol of women liberation and freedom. We are equal to men syndrome? Or the reasons are same as that of men – to destress or they also got addicted in college. Started puffing because of peer pressure, to impress boys! Women destress themselves by crying, my sharing with friends. If the reason for her puffing was because of lack of sharing I am sad. Crying and sharing helps!

Smoking is injurious to health is written on the cover of the packet. The educated ones know that smoking causes cancer then why do they smoke?

I tried to find when did female smoking became acceptable and in which country? It was year 1929 in United States of America. Quoting from the article: US-Website of Public Relations: Torches of Freedom

By the mid-1920s smoking had become commonplace in the United States and cigarette tobacco was the most popular form of tobacco consumption. At the same time women had just won the right to vote, widows were succeeding their husbands as governors of such states as Texas and Wyoming, and more were attending college and entering the workforce. While women seemed to be making great strides in certain areas, socially they still were not able to achieve the same equality as their male counterparts. Women were only permitted to smoke in the privacy of their own homes. Public opinion and certain legislation at the time did not permit women to smoke in public, and in 1922 a woman from New York City was arrested for lighting a cigarette on the street.

George Washington Hill, president of the American Tobacco Company and an eccentric businessman, recognized that an important part of his market was not being tapped into. Hill believed that cigarette sales would soar if he could entice more women to smoke in public. In 1928 Hill hired Bernays to expand the sales of his Lucky Strike cigarettes. Recognizing that women were still riding high on the suffrage movement, Bernays used this as the basis for his new campaign

First Campaign for women smoker

I find women smoking a little difficult to digest..okay I agree I am old and conservative and I agree it’s her life . What about you?Why do you think women smoke?

Domestic violence

Look at the following photos and what do you feel?

victim of beauty

victim of beauty


victim of beauty face

victim of beauty

victim of beauty face

victim of beauty

victim of beauty face

victim of beauty

victim of beauty face

victim of beauty

victim of beauty face

victim of beauty

What do these images convey? The Makeup or the bruises?

These pictures are from the editorial of  12 Magazine, a Bulgarian fashion mag. titled“Victim of Beauty,” which was shot by Vasil Germanov, features six images of seemingly injured models, and apparently is an attempt to show off makeup.

Contrast these images to 2010 Time cover, photo to that of Alisha — the Afghan girl who became the face of Taliban opression after her nose was cut off by her husband

Time photo cover

Time photo cover

Fashion blogs around the world have lambasted the Bulgarian photo shoot. Such as  yahoo article Controversial beauty editorial depicts violence against the women. Quoting from Fashion Glamour

The special effects makeup done by Daniela Avramova was superbly convincing, but we can’t say the same for the message they’re trying to convey. Were they trying to glamourize domestic violence or were they taking the notion “beauty is pain” to the acme of editorial extremes? With such disturbing images, we’re pretty sure anti-domestic violence groups will be going after 12 in a matter of days.

The photos may be controversially beautiful, but they could’ve made a more resounding impact had they been clear in their intent. Fashion Glamour can’t help but think they were paying more attention to the gore than the actual makeup. 

Violence against women is a BIG problem around the world. Every day, thousands of women and girls are abused and murdered by their families, raped in armed conflicts and attacked , many even before they are born. Issue of violence against the women needs to be shown,discussed and highlighted but how – using the beautiful women models with make up or the real ones? Boss dil ko kya lagti hai?(what strikes the heart more)

Between Friends

Welcome to If Wishes were….

My first post is a cartoon strip which I am fond of..I Read it everyday in Times of India -Bangalore Times


Between Friends is  written by Canadian Sandra Bell-Lundy. Three middle-aged professional women,Maeve, Susan, and Kimberly, and the problems that they face in their lives are the main focus throughout the comic strip series. The comic strips appear in more than 175 newspapers in ten countries around the world. For details refer to official website

Who’s Who

Characters in Between Friends

Women in Between Friends

Maeve is a sophisticated and savvy divorcee.  Professionally, she is very successful in her position as a sales director.  However, her personal life is another story.  While she loves her single status and the freedom it brings, Maeve’s love life is a series of quests for romance that never seem to measure up to her idealistic “perfect relationship”.

Susan is wry and self-doubting.  She is married to Harv, has an adopted 9-year-old daughter, Emma, and works full-time outside the home.  Susan is always seeking balance in her life.  Her goals are to spend time with her family, score some personal time and maybe get to the gym once a month.

Kim is creative and introspective.  As a feminist freelance writer, she enjoys the perks of having a home-based career.  She is married to Derek, a widower with a son.  Kim both adores and is exasperated by the challenges of raising her 12-year-old stepson, Danny.


Harv is married to Susan


Harv is married to Susan


Helen is Maeve’s coworker


Tina is Susan’s office buddy


Emma is Susan’s daughter


Danny is Kim’s son

How do you start your day? Which is your favorite comic strip?